Rich heritage, strong beliefs and a sharp business mind

We come from the forests, lakes, fields and coastline of the north, of Sweden. From a rich tradition of engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship. We come from strong ideals and business drive alike, from an ambition to create something longlasting and a true desire to make a difference. It’s in our genes, heritage and mission to do so.

But it has never been about Sweden only – since the start, the world has been our arena. And with our products and services since the beginning being designed for an audience all over the world, we now see a demand for what we deliver in countries everywhere. No matter where you are, what kind of content you’re producing or your way of work, we know that teaming up with us at Jotview, will prove a turning point. Smarter, faster, easier, safer and more humane digital interaction – creating a context for our content-driven society where both users and channel-owners are considered winners.


Jotview – global by demand, Swedish by design.