Products that deliver and transform

Sprung from ideals, developed with both users and business in mind

Jotview’s services Comments and Live reporting will forever transform your digital presence and deliver value to both your organisation and the people using them.

High level of technical stability and functionality – yes. Easy to both use and administrate – yes. Combining innovative use of AI and the experience and empathy from human monitoring – yes.

We know what our services will deliver. We know what they will bring to your existing business model. And you don’t even have worry about costly projects or complex contract setups – integration is a breeze and you have the possibility to choose between brilliant out-of-the-box configurations and full adaptation to your specific situation.

Facilitating the discussion

Comments from Jotview

Everybody is entitiled to an opinion. If constructive and handled in a good way, those opinions are the best example of a democratic society. The thoughts and ideas of the people are the ones that help shape the world we live in. Without sharing, debating and commenting, we will not move forward.

Comments from us at Jotview is the best possible solution for digital discussions. Easy to implement and even easier to use. Combining smart functionality with the best usability and accessibility – delivering better content handling than anyone else through the innovative use of AI together with human monitoring. All this to ensure a qualitative, secure and friendly experience.

Not there and then but here and now

Live reporting from Jotview

It is perhaps now more than ever a need for reflection. Time for a second thought and reasoning. We are the first ones to admit this. But it is also a need for action. Immediate measures need communication to match. Things are not happening there and then but here and now. An incident in a far away country, a town a few hours away or just around the corner – we want the information and we want it only minutes and seconds later.

Live reporting is something that every content provider can relate to and our aim has been to create the solution that in every situation, is the easiest to use and the one providing the most possibilities. Regardless if you are writing your piece on a laptop, a tablet or your mobile, a smart, user-friendly and efficient live reporting solution should be the one you turn to. The one you can rely on.