Smart technology with a human touch

We have grown over the past few years. We’ve actually grown a lot. And looking into the future, we plan to continue doing so for many many years to come.

But listen. Becoming bigger will never ever mean we will become one of those anonymous corporations. Why? Because we ourselves value the individual handling, the personal connection and the hands–on approach when we are on the other side, when we are customers. And why should we then offer anything else? We can all automate to our heart’s content but believe us when we say – there will always be a human touch to how we at Jotview do business. Just as with our approach to assuring the qualitative discussion through people from Jotview monitoring.

And of course we’ll be using common email-addresses and we would be fools if we didn’t have tickets for our handling of support matters. But at the same time, we will always be personal and individual. It’s not only an AI-driven database who knows our customers and their different situations. It’s also Gustav, Amanda and Robert. With the help of that AI-driven database of course.